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Illustration for using sealing strip

With fast development of science and technology, expandable graphite has been applied in fireproofing projects. The company, based on many years’ study experiments, has developed fireproofing and flame retardant expandable graphite, namely Expandable graphite fireproofing strips, flexiseal, hot smoke seal which has been put into batch production and have been exported to European and North American, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, and others markets. This kind of fireproofing and flame retardant graphite is characterized in low initial temperature of expansion (Lowest 90? for starting expansion), and keep the PH value neutral and stable for longer time. This fireproofing and flame retardant graphite we produced is the products with lowest initial temperature of expansion and the largest expansion rate from china. Expandable Graphite Fireproofing Strips will be stuck to gaps of windowsill, doorslot or various pipelines for expanding upon fire to block the gap, thus isolating smoke and fire, delaying extension of flame and diffusion of toxic gas to gain time for fire fighting and fleeing. flexiseal, hot smoke seal, door seal, frame seal, fire seal, expandable graphite fireproofing strips, expandable graphite fireproofing tapes, This type fireproofing blocking material is especially applicable for fireproofing of high building, shipping building, aerospace industry, nuclear industry, central air conditioners, etc.
Notes: Other shapes such as slices, clumps, etc. is also available.

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