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IFI Technical Production company locates in China and is a leading developer of graphite deposits and processing of graphite materials. The main specialization and activity - the development and production of advanced sealing and gasket materials.We produce Packings of expanded graphite, PTFE, aramid fibers, carbon fibers and other synthetic and natural fibers. Our products have over 15 years of successfully delivered to Europe, America, Australia, Russia, etc.It is one of the biggest enterprises of the mineral, chosen the mineral and deep processed in whole from China. our products, expanded graphite knitted tape, expanded graphite knitted tapes are widely used in the fields of petroleum & chemical industry, refining, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, papermaking, automobile, shipping building, pharmacy, aerospace industry, nuclear industry, etc. Rely on advanced technology and management system, superior production equipments and test instruments, high quality products and first-class service. The products, expanded graphite knitted tape, expanded graphite knitted tapes, high temperature graphite tape, high temperature graphite tape enjoy the high reputation in domestic and abroad market, and it has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

Expanded graphite knitted tape is knitted with the newly invented expanded pure graphite yarn. It has high strength and good flexibility. It offers fire safety and high temperature resistance.
It can be used as packing in the expansion joint and packing on the stems of valve and agitator. Also it can be used as sealing gaskets in the furnace doors.

Main Properties:

Working Temperature




PH Value



10~ 100mm



Density Tolerance



1.5~ 6.0mm

Thickness tolerance


Tensile Strength


Sulphur Content


Linear Velocity


Chlorine Content



Expanded graphite knitted tape with Inconel wire
Expanded graphite knitted tape with stainless wire

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